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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Chief Justice Warns Jurors


The Chief Justice of Sierra Leone, Abdullai Charm has admonished the newly selected Jurors, who were present at the opening ceremony of High Court of Sierra Leone, to treat their cases with all seriousness.

The said, on Tuesday September 19, that out of 51 Jurors that were selected only 18 of them were present, which is sending a wrong signal to the public. He also told the jurors that they have been called upon with trust by their fellow citizens, and therefore they should not treat their work with levity.

The Chief Justice said they will take drastic measures against jurors who fail to deliver.

The Chief Justice also mentioned that most of the times the Jurors are the ones causing the delay of matters that are brought to the High Court. He also said that their job is a sacred one, and that it is part of their sacred responsibility to deliver.

The Chief Justice acknowledges the eighteen Jurors present, and admonished them to continue to attend court sessions.

Justice Cham said there should be no delay in trials, noting that justice should be given to those that deserve it, and those found guilty should be sentenced to avoid reoccurrence of crimes.

He also pleaded to the parties involve in cases to help the judiciary by providing relevant information about ongoing cases in the High Court to ease the workload of the lawyers, and to create easy access to justice.

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