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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Chinese Hospital Ship to Treat Hundreds of Patients


The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) navy hospital ship, Ark Peace, which is expected sail in Freetown on September 19, 2017, has the capacity to treat 500 patients daily, a senior Chinese government official said on Wednesday.

The head of Chinese Military Medical Expert Team (CMMET) in Sierra Leone, Professor GUO Xuejun said the ship on arrival will provide free medical services for local people.

He said that the visit of a Chinese military hospital ship to Sierra Leone in a show of commitment to the friendly bilateral relationship between Sierra Leone and China.

Professor GUO Xuejun said the ship is equipped with modern medical facilities and the medical staff onboard can provide treatment for many illnesses. 

He noted that Ark Peace is the third largest hospital ship in the world that weighs about 14, 000 tons. “There are about 63 specialized medical doctors with over 100 other medical staff on beard ship that will ensure that at least 500 patients are treated every day,” he said.

He said before the arrival of Ark Peace, people who want to do surgical operations onboard needs to perform a pre-operation screening to get ready for the operations, and to check whether the requested operation is able to be performed onboard.

“During the berthing of Ark Peace, people who wish to receive free medical services on the hospital ship should go to Brima Attouga Mini Stadium for screening and triage before getting onboard.”

“We are expecting a busy week,” Professor GUO said.

“CMMET together with China Medical Team and China CDC are going all out to support preparations for the visit,” he said

Professor GUO said that the Ark Peace is also planning to send medical team by helicopter to other parts of Sierra Leone.

Professor Guo also averred that the aim of CMMET is to cooperate with the Joint Medical Unit of RSLAF to contribute to improving the level of medical treatment and detection techniques for infectious diseases in Sierra Leone. “Through the cooperation, an infectious disease department will be established in the Joint Medical Unit.”

Dr WANG Shuchao, a team member of CMMET, noted that they have already set up a system to monitor the infectious diseases through daily basis within the whole country. The system will be an early warning alert to possible infectious diseases.

Professor HUANG Lei, who worked in Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak, noted that they have mobile infectious disease detection vehicles that could be used as part of the screening process. He observed that infectious diseases are more life threatening in Sierra Leone.

During the visit, Ark Peace would also provide medical services for different infectious diseases.

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