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Monday, 25 September 2017

LAB Resolves Land Dispute in Kabala


The Legal Aid Board has successfully mediated a land dispute between the Bangura and Tarawalie families in One Mile Section in Kabala in the Koinadugu District. The dispute had dragged on for 31 years, and efforts by the Local Courts, Paramount Chiefs, Magistrate Court and the elders of One Mile to have it resolved had proved futile.

“Everybody is relieved this matter is resolved,” the Programme Officer of Legal Aid Board for the North, Mohamed Jalloh said. “This dispute had dragged on for too long and people were becoming increasingly concerned about the potential to undermine the peace of Kabala and the district.”

The dispute started in 1986 when both families laid claim to a parcel of land including a swamp land on One Mile along the Makeni/Kabala highway. The Bangura and Tarawallie Famalies had accused each other of encroaching on their land. Since then, attempts had been made by the former and current Paramount Chiefs of Wara Wara Yagala Chiefdom to resolve the matter. Also, the Local Courts in Gbawuria and Kabala have also had their inputs.

The representative of the Tarawallie Family, Mammy Hawa Marah said they have live on the land since it was gifted to them by the late Paramount Chief, Alimamy Yembeh 1 over forty years.

On the other hand, Amadu Bailor Bangura of the Bangura Family claimed to have acquired the parcel of land in dispute in the late seventies, which they started occupying in the early eighties.

Over the years, the Police have received complaints from both parties which had been investigated and charges proffered. The charges range from malicious damage to trespass, destruction of crop and assault. The two families had brought matters against each other at the Kabala Magistrate Court.

Before the intervention of the Legal Aid Board, both parties had matters going on at the Magistrate Court, presided over by Magistrate Peter Gogra. While the matters were being heard, both families approached the Legal Aid Board for mediation through its Alternative Dispute Resolution service. Both parties therefore agreed not to proceed with the matters in court and requested the Legal Aid Board to assist with their withdrawal.

The Board’s ADR Team in the Northern Region got both parties to commit working together to reaching a peaceful resolution to the dispute. Both parties agreed that the land should be measured using the Plan that was approved by Paramount Chief Yembeh II.

It was further agreed to contract a surveyor, one Bala Marah to assist with the technical interpretation of the Plan. This resulted in Mariatu Bangura of the Bangura Family apologizing to the Tarawallie for the mistakes over the period.

The mediation resulted in the Tarawalie Family agreeing to withdraw threat to demolish the Bangura Family House on the disputed land, in return the Tarawalie Family will be compensated with a portion of the swamp land belonging to the Bangura Family. As a result a new boundary will be drawn.

It was also agreed that the Tarawallie Family will receive some compensation for the expenses incurred in respect of the dispute.

The Paramount Chief for Wara Wara Yagala, P.C. Gbawuru Mansaray III was full of praise for the Legal Aid Board for resolving a dispute which he noted had been troubling them for a long time.

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