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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

PMDC to Hold Lower Level Election



The People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) party will hold its lower level election on September 28, a senior party official said on Monday.

The media coordinator of PMDC, Samuel P.O.V Macauley told Premier News that the major criteria for any position at lower level are that “aspirants should be a paid up member of the party; and he/she should be nominated and seconded for that particular position.”

He explained that there are 132 constituencies based on the new boundary delimitation in the country, and they have eight executive positions per constituency. “Presently, we are processing up to 1000 applications, and we do not want any member to be disenfranchised,” he said.

He said that by tomorrow, the party will publish the list of candidates before the election. He added that they are now preparing for the general election, and for them to participate fully in the election they have to hold their primaries.

He said the party has structures in every region, and they will ensure that only qualified members are allowed to contest for positions across the country.

He said they are going to make sure that they operate within the democratic tenet of the party. “We will do everything within the democratic tenet,” he emphasized.

He explained that the nomination for the various positions was closed on August 30, adding that all those who registered before the closing date were qualified to vie for any position.

He said that it was the National Council that decided that the party should hold the election on this 
particular day. He said the election will take place in all the regions across the country.

When asked about the timeline for the lower level election, he said that he does not know when the election will be concluded, and that he believes a democratic process required enough time.

Mr. Macauley disclosed that the party will hold it National Delegate Conference immediately after the conclusion of the lower level election.

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