Screenshots of SLPP’s ‘Pa-o-pa’ PRO Lawrence Leema sexting with a 23 year old FBC student has been made public. The lady leaked the photos after she caught Lawrence Leema with another girl.

Lahai Laurence Leema

Now my fellow citizens private lives of our politicians are interesting in the sense that we identify with their daily struggles and interests. But some politicians don’t live up to standards.

What someone does in private is who they really are. If someone is really an untrustworthy person, then it’s best to know that person before you trust them with something important.


Not that a politician cannot have privacy! But if they are ‘bad person’ the public needs to know. Because actions speak louder than words, and one’s private actions that one may wish to keep private are relevant when they do not align with words and promises made publicly.

Politicians’ private lives reveal more about their morals than their sound bites. I base my feelings about politicians on their honesty and ability to take blame when it is due. So, I’m asking Lawrence Leema to come out and apologize for his shameful act.